Welcome to our first Pho T&N Newsletter.

This is long overdue but it is our first attempt at it so please bear with us. In these newsletters, we will share with you all of our current and upcoming specials along with the ins and out of our restaurant.

First, it was hard saying goodbye to our Winter Special, “Oxtail Pho.” We had a very successful season and might bring it back next winter with enough requests. As we transition into Spring, we have decided to take it back to the basics by bringing you a comfort dish from every Vietnamese home “Braised Pork Belly.” Come and try our Spring special before it’s gone. Currently offering from March 16th — June 30th. Our Braised Pork Belly is served with pickled beansprouts, ginger, carrots and scallions and comes with steamed rice. This is a dish that brings back many happy memories for us. It is a dish that we enjoy often and is popular and known to every Vietnamese family. It can be eaten all the time and you’ll never even get tired of it.

Upcoming event

Last fall, we introduced our customers to our first tasting dinner, paired with wine and our Pho 101 Demonstration. The event went more successful than we ever imagined. We promise to continue these themed dinners for those looking for a special reason for a night out, to meet new people, or to enjoy a community dinner served by your local family owned restaurant.

Our upcoming Tasting Dinner is on Sunday April 2nd, 2017 at 6 PM.  In this tasting dinner, we are taking you through the streets of Vietnam showcasing some of the street foods offered from morning until night from the hundreds and thousands of stalls throughout Vietnam offering it’s own unique specialty regional foods.  Our only hope is to give you a taste of Vietnamese Street Food and transport your wanderlust souls to Vietnam and truly taste it for yourselves. It is limited to 32 people so RSVP as soon as possible.